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Welcome to the Topeka Youth Commission Recruitment Page 

TYC Recruitment Process 

Step 1

Please fill out the letter of interest that can be found by clicking the button below

Want to Improve Topeka?

Are you...

  • 14-21 years old

  • Live in Shawnee County

  • Willing to participate in monthly meetings

  • Ready to make change


YAY keep going!!!


Maybe the TYC is not the best fit for you

Step 2

We will contact you to give you more information about the Topeka Youth Commission. Our letter to you will explain in detail what the TYC is and what being apart of our organization entails.

Step 3

After we contact you based on your letter of interest, and you have read the information, we are going to ask you to fill out an application. We will review and vet all applications that are submitted. It is important that you fill out the application the the best of your abilities. Additional information will be provided to you when we contact you so be sure to read thoroughly. 

Step 4

We will then schedule a time to meet with you as a part of the recruitment process for an interview. This interview will be fairly relax and more of an opportunity to meet with you face to face.

Step 5

Based on your application and interview we will pick up to 40 members who can become a part of the TYC and create positive change in Topeka. Applications are due February 20th. Responses will be given no later than the beginning of March and all new members will be on boarded during March 2023 meeting.

If you have any questions at any time please contact us at or 785-422-5644
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